November 28, 2012
Mexico’s President Elect Builds Walls for Protection

Popular resistance continues unchecked against the president-elect Enrique Peña Nieto, who is perceived to have come into power through illegitimate means.  In response to perceived threats from “radical groups,” the state has barricaded off a 1.5 km. sector of the city surrounding the Legislative Palace in Sán Lázaro, in preparation for Peña Nieto’s inauguration on December 1st.

At least five metro stations have been closed off to the public for this purpose since last Sunday, three of which were re-opened after massive public outcry.  The wall has become an epicenter for the expression of public anger, with large numbers of posters and writings pasted on the wall since it started to go up last week.  The wall will also be the rallying point for a widely advertised protest organized by the student resistance movement @YoSoy132, set to begin on November 30th.


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